District News

We’ll keep you informed of the current events and issues affecting our schools. 

School Bus Transportation Bids

The Mohawk Trail Regional School District committee, the Hawlemont Regional School District committee, and the Rowe School District committee will receive bids for furnishing school buses for the transportation of pupils and other persons authorized by the districts. Bids are due no later than Wednesday, October 17 at 1:00 p.m. Please see our school bus transportation bid notice for complete details. 

Nondiscrimination Notice

The Hawlemont, Mohawk Trail, and Rowe School Districts does not discriminate based upon race, color, sex. religion, gender identity, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability. All students are entitled to equal access to the educational services and extracurricular activities of the districts and to a safe and supportive environment. The districts do not discriminate in their hiring practices and require employers recruiting at the secondary school to follow federal and state anti-discrimination laws.

For more information, please view our nondiscrimination policy in its entirety.